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Interseas Trading® offers services and products that bring value and cost efficiency to the customer.

Personal Account Representatives bring these many services to the customer in a personal and friendly way.

Interseas Trading® guarantees fast turn-around times from order to delivery and reduced costs through efficiency in handling, carrying charges, ordering, warehousing and inventory management.

Customer satisfaction is one of the reasons that Interseas Trading® enjoys success and growth.

Interseas Trading® distributes some of the best known brands in Egypt and the world of cosmetics and beauty. Our product line has grown to encompass varied products from skin care creams and lotions to cosmetic products, make-up equipment .

Our Services:

Marketing and distributing cosmetics products all over Egypt.

Training and introducing new products.

We have been supplying professional products along with the training for usage.

High quality products used by professionals globally. Some of the products are only sold to appointed professionals and  never sold in department stores 

From programs offered by Interseas Trading® to motivational seminars and presentations by manufactures, staff members  of our customers are kept up-to-date on the latest products and technology in the industry.

Our Personal Account Representatives make it their business to know their customers well and to understand the Egyptian marketplace, so that they can offer marketing and product promotion ideas to suit their clients.

Our sales staff see themselves as partners with their customers and understand that their customers' success is essential to the continued prosperity of our company.

For business development proposals or vendor product submissions, go to our Contact Us page and tell us about your products.